Saturday, June 13, 2009

From the Ocean

Can I drink ,
a few sips of water
from the ocean that never dries
can I share
few moments of adventure
that do not come frequently
Can I peek
beyond the obvious
that I am not usually able to do
Can I let
someone else to read my mind
something I have never done otherwise
Can I tolerate
my private space having been encroached
that is usually unacceptable to me

Can I laugh without reason,
talk without a purpose,
and argue without adamancy,
let the moments just slip like this,
communicate without words,
ruminate the odd things,
speak less and think more?

Can I create purpose
out of purposeless deeds
seek beauty in the mundane things
rationalize the irrational
euphemize the absurdities
glorify the banalities?

The whole world watching
can I make the mockery of values
can I ridicule the costumes?
Can I override the pressure?
Time will tell what actually follows
I am just watching as a spectator

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