Monday, June 15, 2009

The New Chapter In Life

The agony,
that spares no one
that tears you apart,
yet, the others know nothing
they chase you and tease you
they play with you, yet,
don't know what you are passing through

the pain,
that you can barely communicate
that you can not but are forced to bear
the vacuum that you can not tolerate
but are compelled to do
Yes, the agony,
that you want to avoid but can not

the moments pass slowly,
days as if weeks,
weeks as if months and
months as if years
yet you are forced to drag your feet
in the rough terrains of time
to swallow the grievances,
Yes, you are forced to live with desolation
with desperation.

But the good part of the story
eventually starts with the new dawn
you don't know, when the agony fades away
like the darkness in the dawn
then you wonder,
how you suffered the gloomy days,
how you bore the suffocating nights
how you endured the rough journey,
then you evaluate,
how sensible you were,
how reasonable you were,
and how realistic your judgments were.
Yes, then begins the new chapter in life,
with a little more confidence
with a little more foresight
and with a definitely better start.
Yes, the new Chapter in Life.

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